Why I Ride: First-time rider, Karen Nahary.

For the past two years, I have been fortunate to have been matched with my Little Sister, Lexi. During our time as a match, we have grown so close, and I cannot see my life without Lexi in it. We have done so many fun activities together: bowling, prom dress shopping, exploring Boston, starting the college application process. I have watched Lexi become a mature teenager, on the verge of young adulthood. I feel fortunate to have become like Lexi’s extended family, and the JBBBS organization helped create this perfect match. Without support given by our amazing social worker, Lexi and I wouldn’t be where we are today! Indeed, the entire JBBBS staff has been fantastic!

With this in mind, we signed up to participate in this year’s Rodman Ride for Kids. We’re riding because we get to go it together. We wanted to challenge ourselves physically. (Since we have been matched, we promised that we would get fit, so this is one of the great motivators for us to start riding and becoming more active.) We also wanted to give back to JBBBS by helping fundraise! In the end, Lexi and I are so looking forward to another great adventure together.

Cheer on Karen, and other JBBBS/YoPro riders this September 20!


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