Repetition, the soul of wit.

My outings with my Little Sister range from simple activities like frequenting the nearby school playground (one she’d never been to) to a drive to see a well-known musical performed at a faraway community theatre.

Recently, we tried renting a two-person kayak at a local state park. She was excited to give it a try but, at age six, after 20 minutes she asked, “Can we go back now?” A few weeks later I commented to my husband that I was fresh out of good ideas for things to do with my Little Sister, when he offered, “Take her boating again! At that age, repetition is the soul of wit. She will enjoy doing the same thing.” So I suggested it and, to her and her mom, the idea of doing the very same thing seemed the most natural in the world!

We went boating again. This time she was braver. She wanted to paddle out a little further, even get out and explore an island. She still wanted to stop after about 45 minutes, but I was so proud she seemed more comfortable.

We also both enjoy singing and, en route to activities together, I sometimes sing for her in the car. Inevitably, she remembers and, when we’re together again, she’ll say, “Can you sing that song for me?” Hopefully, we’ll keep creating our “Big/Little” song for a long time to come!

-S.G., Central Massachusetts: Children’s Program volunteer.


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