Mission accomplished: Above the Clouds with my Little Brother.

About a year ago, I was matched to my Little Brother, Estuardo – and it’s been a blast ever since.  We have had a great time playing laser tag and mini-golf, going to the movies, grabbing ice cream and indoor rock-climbing. It’s truly been wonderful to do so many fun things with such an awesome teenager.  This past weekend, though, we got to do something very special (maybe more so when you consider Estuardo is interested in flight): We flew a small airplane with Above the Clouds, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring joy and hope to children and teens through the wonder of small aircraft flight.

Our experience started at the Norwood Airport where a crowd of cheering supporters greeted us. We then met with the lead pilot to map out a flight path for the day, with the goal of flying over Gillett Stadium, followed by Estuardo’s house and then out over Boston Harbor.
After touring the control tower and inspecting the plane, we boarded the small four-seater, with Estuardo sitting in the co-pilot seat. We passed over Gillett and spotted Estuardo’s house from the air. Then, roughly 15 minutes in, Estuardo was handed control of the plane, guiding us over Newton and Brookline. The weather was great, so Logan Airport gave us permission to fly right over the Harbor, too, which provided an amazing view of the city. Once out of Boston airspace, Estuardo helped navigate the plane back to Norwood.


IMG_20140621_102441_609 (3)

IMG_20140621_094853_838 (2)


It was an incredible experience provided by an amazing organization. We extend our most heartfelt appreciation to both Above the Clouds and Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters for the opportunity.

– Ben Greene, Big Brother

To learn more about Above the Clouds visit the organization online here.


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