Why blog?


We’re excited for the official launch of our agency blog!  At JBBBS, we are constantly at work and want to keep you up to date with the latest happenings within our organization.  In addition, we see this blog as a great way to share the resources that make JBBBS the fabulous agency that is – and to do so with a wider audience.

While our official launch is today, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the last several months, to make sure this blog is full of useful information, interesting news and our most powerful and inspiring stories.

Want a sneak peek of what is to come?

  • Volunteer interviews 
  • Match moments
  • Links to articles and resources
  • Event photos
  • Messages from JBBBS staff, Board of Directors, and President, Harvey Lowell
  • Expert advice and support from our clinical team

Be sure to add this blog to your newsreader or sign up to receive new posts via email so that you don’t miss a moment! Plus,  if you have ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you as well!

We look forward to connecting with you, our community, in this space.

And we thank you for reading.

– The staff of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters


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